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Aircraft tyre deflation tool

The Hanley Smith ‘tyre deflation tool’ is simple but highly effective. Safety is always the prime requirement and with aircraft tyre deflation there are two main risk areas.

Firstly the risk of embolisms and embedding of debris into the skin carried by escaping high pressure gas.

Secondly the subsequent possible damage by the valve being carried away by the exhausting gas and becoming fodder if not found.

Solution: Both problems have been overcome. Using the ‘tyre deflation tool’ the exhaust route has been directed away from the operator. Additionally the removed valve is retained within the deflator tool body until the deflator is removed from the valve.

Now that dry nitrogen has replaced air as the inflation medium, ice formation is also no longer a hazard.

Hanley Smith – Solving aircraft maintenance issues.

At Hanley Smith we have a proactive approach to aerospace engineering. Identifying aircraft maintenance problems and applying our engineering skills to develop a solution. Our many years of experience in precision engineering help us to design and manufacture innovative tools and services. The ‘tyre deflation tool’ is just one of many solutions we have developed to reduce aircraft downtime and improve maintenance efficiency.

tyre deflation tool