Hanley Smith Ltd has approval to perform maintenance on Canadian aeronautical products


Civil Aviation Authority

Shared Services Centre

Our Ref UK. 145.00294 / TCCA 816-15

 Approval of MOE TCCA Supplement

Following a review of the elements contained in the referenced MOE TCCA Supplement against the requirements of the current Agreement on Civil Aviation Safety between Canada and the EU, UK CAA hereby confirm approval of your MOE TCCA supplement. This supplement approval allows for acceptance by TCCA of maintenance performed on Canada aeronautical products subject to compliance with Part-145 requirements and the specific regulatory requirements as detailed in the Agreement Annex B Appendix B1 and the Maintenance Annex Guidance (MAG). Please note, that the scope of ratings and limitations shall not exceed that which is specified in your Part-145 Certificate and Scope of Approval.

Hanley Smith Limited

 TCCA CAA 573 approval Reference number: 816-15

Valid until: 24 October 2018

Your supplement reference: HSP1 Revision EASA 20 dated 11 October 2016 is hereby approved by the UK CAA

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