Ground support equipment

Hand held drive block puller

The Hanley Smith ‘drive block puller’ is a solution to the problem of removing tight fit dovetailed drive blocks from inboard half hubs. A claw that hooked over the end of the drive block was attached to the cylinder body. A pad on the piston rod pushing against the hub wall and the cylinder extending from the piston carries the drive block with it.

This hand held item replaces a non-transportable special purpose machine, with three hydraulic cylinders, to which inner hubs were previously sent for stripping when the field tooling had proved inadequate.

Hanley Smith – Solving aircraft maintenance issues.

At Hanley Smith we have a proactive approach to aerospace engineering. Identifying aircraft maintenance problems and applying our engineering skills to develop a solution. Our many years of experience in precision engineering help us to design and manufacture innovative tools and services. The ‘hand held drive block puller’ is just one of many solutions we have developed to reduce aircraft downtime and improve maintenance efficiency.

aircraft drive block puller