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Aircraft undercarriage repair & overhaul

Undercarriage overhaul is carried out strictly within the guidelines of the relevant overhaul manuals, with final build and test carried out using specialised equipment in a temperature controlled clean room.

Our particular speciality is the Hawker 125 Executive Jet holding U/X sets for all series.

Whatever your aircraft undercarriage requirements contact us now for advice and help from our skilled team of aviation engineers.

Our undercarriage overhaul capability

We can provide undercarriage component repair and overhaul for a variety of aircraft parts including the following:

  • Boeing: 737, 747, 757 and 767
  • Messier Dowty: F27.
  • Hawker beechcraft: 125.
  • Sikorsky: S61N.
  • AP Prec. Hyd. PBN Islander and Trilander.
  • Fairy Hyd. PBN Islander and Trilander.
  • Slingsby Aviation: Airship 500.
  • Lear Jet: 35.
  • Airbus Industries

Overhaul and repair in accordance with Manufacturers Approved Manuals.

A list of individual part numbers is available on request.