Ground support equipment

Aircraft brake disc flattening

Brake disc flattening equipment is designed as an accessory to the Half-Hub cupping machine.

Two parts comprise the disc brake flattening tool, a concave base that will accept discs up to 24″ diameter and a 10.5″ diameter convex punch. Discs with a bore size between 3″ and 10″ and an outside diameter between 10″ and 24″ can generally be cold flattened by the machine using an hydraulic ram of 30 tons capacity.

Hanley Smith – Solving aircraft maintenance issues.

At Hanley Smith we have a proactive approach to aerospace engineering. Identifying aircraft maintenance problems and applying our engineering skills to develop a solution. Our many years of experience in precision engineering help us to design and manufacture innovative tools and services. The ‘brake disk flattening equipment’ is just one of many solutions we have developed to reduce aircraft downtime and improve maintenance efficiency.

brake disc flattening