Bush removal from Boeing 737 undercarriage components

737 undercarrige

Hanley Smith has developed a tool kit specifically to remove bushes from a Boeing 737 undercarriage set. By integrating the flexible ‘BushOut’ system with the collet system; bushes from 3.5″ down to 0.25″ inside diameter and with varying lengths are removed. There are a number of considerations to be handled when removing bushes from aircraft components. To cater for a wide variation of bush sizes and including bushes that are mounted back to back. Remove bushes without damage to the main component. Take the tooling to the job to avoid moving large assemblies around the workshop. The standard BushOut tool is flexible and can be configured for bush sizes from 1.69″ to 3.5″. The kit used in this tool kit is designed to pull out…

Wheel half hub cup handling

half-hub cup handling machine

The Wheel Half Hub Cup Handling tool is a complete system designed to remove and assemble wheel hub cups avoiding damage to the wheels. Using the Hanley Smith Half Hub Cup tool cups can be removed cold. For reassembly the wheel needs to be heated and the cup chilled to render a non-interference condition. The tool is a free standing unit and can be sited conveniently within a wheel service bay. The tool is driven by a hydraulic cylinder capable of exerting up to 30 ton maximum force via the draw bar. This in turn is supplied by a free standing air hydraulic pump that is controlled with a foot pedal connected to an air line source. The tool has adaption tooling to suit each…