Ground support equipment

‘BushBaby’ – small bush and liner removal system

Aircraft bushes and liners can be removed in minutes with the ‘BushBaby’ extraction kit from Hanley Smith

If time is precious and you are in the business of reducing maintenance time and costs, the Hanley Smith ‘BushBaby’ will be of interest to you. Specially designed for small bush and liner removal.

One of the problems of landing gear maintenance and overhaul, which can be particularly difficult and costly in terms of component damage, is the removal of bushings and liners. To overcome this problem we have developed a unique extraction system, which quickly and cleanly withdraws interference fit components, without damage to either component or housing.

Following the success of the ‘BushOut’, Hanley Smith have developed the ‘BushBaby’ for the fast removal of smaller back to back bushes from bores as small as 6.4mm.

This patented tool can remove back to back bushes as small as 0.25″ (6.4mm) bore. A bush is forced out by injecting high pressure water between bushes. Our 747 flap carriage kit contains lances to remove bushes from 0.25″ (6.4mm) to 2.14″ (54mm) diameter. The 747 undercarriage kit contains lances for bushes 0.375″ to 1.75″.


Advantages of the BushBaby – small bush and liner removal tool

  1. Manpower saving through operator safety
    There is no mis-hitting punches or drifts, no splintering of shafts, no smashed fingers or limbs. There is nothing which requires to be hit.
  2. Downtime saving through less out of service time
    The equipment is fully portable and can be used equally well in the hangar, on the pan or in the workshop. Bearings and liners that may have been cut out before can now be extracted by a level 4 maintenance fitter.
  3. Avoids secondary damage
    Secondary damage is avoided using the BushBaby bush extraction kit. Therefore stopping extra operations such as secondary part replacement or repair.
  4. Space saving through taking less floor space
    The ability for one man to ‘take the press to the job’ can save the need to marshall components around the workshop.