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‘Urge Tool’ – remove back to back bushes with ease

Hanley Smith has been at the forefront of developing systems for bush removal on aircraft assemblies. The patented BushOut has been followed by the BushBaby and now a further step is the ‘Urge tool’.

The removal of bushes from aircraft wing and undercarriage assemblies is often difficult depending on size, whether they are back to back, their fitting tolerances and if they have lubrication points. The Urge tool has been designed to remove bushes that are back to back and fitted with negligible gap between them as found on the A340.

The Urge tooling utilizes the BushOut system where the specially patented elements are linked together creating an expandable collet. The assembled collet is compressed to enter the pair of bushes and using the dolly expands it to locate the modified nibs between the bushes. By either pressing or pulling the dolly the nibs are urged further between the bushes and when fully located additional pressure pushes out the bush as shown in the cross sectioned sketches below .

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Step 1  Locate the collet and dolly

urge tool step 1 diagram

Step 2 The Urge tool is shaped to force the elements between the bushes

Urge tool step 2 diagram

Step 3 When the dolly is fully seated on the elements continue to press out the bush

Urge tool step 3 diagram